MRHMilsimTools ARMA3 Mod Wiki

Welcome to the MRHMilsimTools ARMA3 Mod Wiki


This wiki is a guide to using the mod MRH Milsim Tools for Arma 3 and take advantage of its many features.

Overview & guides


The only official version of the mod can be found here on the steam workshop. Repacking and redistributing the mod, modifying it to suit your needs etc. is allowed and you do not have to ask me permission to do so, as long of as you give me proper credits. However I will only offer support for the official version.

Troubleshooting and bug reports

Please note that, though it is allowed to repack and redistribute this mod without my explicit consent, I will only offer support for the latest official workshop version.

Support will only be offered on the github issue tracker.

Source files